Call it meticulous, but Arwin takes his art seriously.

From art school to the school of life, his eight-year (and counting) relationship with photography has made him determined to mold an identity unique to his style; evident in his travel, people, and wedding photographs.

Call it ironic, but to him, taking art seriously does not mean having to be too serious.

There's a different kind of magic when moments are captured in their most natural form - untainted, unrehearsed, unconstrained. And he's found that this is most attained when there is lightness and just the right amount of humor.

Call it paradoxical, or perhaps, call it the best of both worlds:

Because he has a liking for fine art but also for the natural, for intricacy but also for simplicity; and he has the tendency to seek it in both the exquisite and the mundane.

Call it luck, or call it fate.

Because he found a few people who are similarly serious and ironically not, who also enjoy seeking both worlds and making sure they were kept for always.

Some of my photo features;