Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wilford - Raquel

I've seen weddings that were meant to be elegant, and weddings that were meant to be simple.  Weddings that were meant to be romantic, weddings that were meant to be fun and quirky, and weddings that were meant to be the picture of traditional.  But rarely do i see weddings that were meant to be all of the above, all at the same time.  Wilford and Raquel's wedding pulled off those elements and made them work, made the combination a perfect fit.  The elegance in the simple, the fun and the quirks in the traditional, and all the while romantic.  And maybe that's just a manifestation of how they are as a couple - how they are all of those different things combined, but still, somehow, make perfect sense.

Don't forget to check their breathtaking Baler engagement shoot at my Facebook Page. Link Here :)

photography by/ Arwin Doloricon (@arwiny)
video/ Dreamcatchers Studio (@dreamcatchersstudio)
coordination/ Empire Weddings (@empireweddings)
bridal gown/ Francis Libiran (@francislibiran)

EDSA Shangri-la Hotel | Santuario de San Jose Parish


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Simple Letters said...

I was recently here and these are the most amazing NYC wedding venues. I got a little carried away with the open bar. An open bar allows you to like any sort of music, even the most awful. Anyway, for those of you thinking to marry, this is the perfect spot.