Monday, June 22, 2015

Christian + Ayen

I keep thinking of the word “pure” when I look back at the photos of Christian and Ayen’s wedding… Not only because it was a theme mentioned throughout the event, but I guess it’s because that’s what it really was. Everything there was what it was supposed to be.

You could see it in them, too. Pure love, untainted, unconditional. This is what shone through. It shone through the smiles that they exchanged with family and friends, it shone through the simple and silent looks they would share, through the prayers and the words they exchanged, through the laughter that filled the air.

Thank you Christian and Ayen, for allowing me to witness this day of pure love and commitment! Wishing you a long and happy marriage filled with it!

Photography by Arwin Doloricon (@arwiny)

Video; Marvin Barbarona (@mharz23)
Make-up; Katch Make-Up Artistry (@katchmejias)
Coordination; Shelleybrations Events
Flowers; The Flower Boutique & Amaranthus

Preparations; Eugenio Lopez Center
Ceremony/Reception; Jardin de Miramar

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Breaking Mad said...

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