Sunday, November 9, 2014

|engagement| Joey + Katzi

Key Observations while shooting for Joey and Katzi:

  1. You get an awesome dynamic when the couple you're shooting is the best of friends
  2. You get even better shots when you take them when they (the couple) think you're not looking
  3. The guy who makes the girl laugh + the girl who looks adoringly back at him -- this is all the formula you need for a fun and colorful shot, or a loving and elegant portrait. :))

When you have a couple that's so at ease with one another, it's impossible to not be at ease yourself!  I'm grateful for the opportunity to have had a natural yet creative e-session with Joey and Katzi, whose mutual adoration radiated on cam and off cam.

Hair & Make-Up by: Julie Ferrer @julz_mua

Thursday, October 16, 2014

|weddings| Ian + Blair

If I were to see a wedding that I could describe as 'exquisitely elegant', I think this one would be it.

Ian and Blair's wedding was one that exuded elegance in all aspects, from how the event was designed (the ceremony, the staging) down to the smallest details. But while their wedding was a big event, the love and affection they shared with each other, with their family and friends, made it feel so intimate. The loving couple was just radiant with adoration and joy, and it was a special sight to see and to photograph.

This wedding was a privilege for myself and my team to document. Everywhere we pointed our camera, there was always something beautiful waiting to be captured, and I am happy to share these pictures with you.


supplier line-up

preps/ceremony/reception; Solaire Resorts & Casino
video; Stellar Atelier
flowers/event styling; Badang Rueda
coordination; Ricci Ang events